Viviscal Review ~ Can You Trust The Claims That It Promote Hair Growths?

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We all tend to tie our beauty to our hair which acts as a crown that everyone carries. Sometimes, age, post-daily stress, hormonal imbalance, over-styling, medication, or good old genes, could cause hair loss, shedding, or thinning.

We all know too well that feeling when you brush your hair, and all that comes out are strands of hair shedding. It is a very frustrating situation that no one wants to be part of. Typically, you’ll lose between fifty to a hundred strands daily.

You don’t have to count the strands in your hairbrush to know that you’re losing more than one hundred strands of hair. It’s always apparent.

With that being said, in this post we want to look at a popular supplement that promises to strengthen your hair strands and support fuller, healthier looking hair. It goes by the name Viviscal.

What Is Viviscal?

Viviscal is a popular hair care brand that offers a range of products specifically designed to promote healthy hair growth. With years of experience and numerous positive Viviscal reviews (which we’ll get to in a minute), it has become a go-to option for individuals looking to improve the thickness, strength, and overall health of their hair.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the different products offered by Viviscal, their ingredients, and their effectiveness in promoting healthy hair growth.

Whether you’re struggling with hair loss, thinning hair, or simply want to improve the appearance and health of your hair, read on to find out if Viviscal is the right choice for you.

Viviscal Review: Does It STOP Hair Loss?

Viviscal Review

Viviscal supplements, shampoo, and conditioner have been around the block for a while now. You can acknowledge that by the number of celebrities and influencers that keep recommending them and saying how much it has helped them.

I mean, they need it more than anyone considering the amount of stress most celebrities’ hair go through because of styling and product use.

If it can help hair that goes through so much stress, I’m sure it could do a lot for your hair that’s thinning and breaking out even if you have not been using lots of products. Viviscal comes recommended by many doctors and hair specialists because of the ingredients and results seen by others who’ve used it.

Viviscal has products for women and men because both genders love having healthy hair. Not everyone would prefer choosing Dwayne Johnson’s way of living with a bald head. Also, selecting caps and beanies gets old as sometimes you’ll need to let your head breathe, and if you’re uncomfortable with a bald head, it’s better to do something about it.

Now that you’re here looking for a solution to regain back your crown, I know you’re wondering whether a pill could fix all that, so let us dive deep into this Viviscal review, the good and the bad, so that you can make your own decision at the end of this piece.

Background/History Of Viviscal

To come up with this incredible supplement, the company has researched for over twenty years on hair loss to figure out the best solution to deal with hair loss from the inside out. Viviscal is a drug-free dietary supplement that helps with thinning hair and hair loss.

The nutrients found in the supplement will help strengthen your existing hair, stop hair loss, and also thicken your hair. These tablets are taken twice a day orally.

How Does Viviscal Work?

This supplement has nutrients that enrich hair follicles resulting in faster and thicker hair growth. All ingredients are natural, and the formula includes AminoMar, a marine complex that is the strongest of them all, encouraging healthy, strong hair.

Viviscal blends AminoMar with other vital components like zinc, biotin, and vitamin C to further strengthen hair quality and make it thicker.

Other hair growth supplements that include similar ingredients are Folexin and Nutrafol which are two highly recommended brands. You can also see the differences of Nutrafol Vs Folexin.

How Long Will It Take To See Viviscal Results?

I know you’re now wondering, besides the formula, how long it will take. Even though this is a great supplement, it’s not a magic pill.

You will have to take the supplement twice a day (morning and evening), and the earliest you can see the results in your hair is around three to four months. Ideally, you are required to wait for at least six months to see the full results.

Patience is critical here too. So, be patient and take the supplements consistently. The supplements work on your hair in four stages, and that’s why it takes a bit of time to see the great results you see everyone on the internet yapping about.

These stages are:

Stage 1: Due to the nutrients in the supplement and especially AminoMar, your hair follicles will become stronger and nourished.

Stage 2: As your hair becomes more substantial, you will start seeing less of the thin and wispy hair you once had.

Stage3: Your existent hair becomes denser, and you will experience less breakage.

Stage 4: Hair appears more vibrant and thick.

For most people, arriving at stage four mostly takes six months of consistency. Afterward, you could reduce the dosage to one pill a day instead of two and see if the effects still last.

Viviscal Ingredients

Here’s a full list of the ingredients:

  • Iron
  • Aminomar
  • Zinc
  • Biotin
  • Niacin
  • Horsetail Extract
  • Flaxseed

Lets look at how these Viviscal ingredients help with hair growth and thickness.


Iron is great for carrying oxygen through the blood to various parts of our bodies. If you’re iron deficient, your cells may not receive enough oxygen, becoming unhealthy, and you don’t want that for your hair follicles.

Shark cartilage and mollusk powder (AminoMar):

A Scandinavian professor isolated these key ingredients rich in proteins and are great for achieving fuller and thicker hair. This combination of proteins, vitamins, and minerals helps to regenerate new cells and feed existing cells.


A healthy scalp equals healthy hair, and zinc does this by balancing hormones and preventing protein breakdown. It clears the path for hair growth by minimizing dandruff.


This vitamin helps promote the thickening and growth of hair, giving it a healthy appearance.


This vitamin promotes healthy blood circulation to the hair follicles and scalp. It does this by breaking down carbohydrates into energy.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is full of antioxidants that help the body absorb iron into the blood, promoting collagen production for healthy hair.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the scalp and hair follicles by delivering nutrients, reducing hair thinning.


Balance ever-fluctuating hormones, specifically calcium and magnesium, preventing hair loss.

Horsetail Extract.

Horsetail extract is derived from the plant Equisetum arvense, which is rich in silica, a mineral that is essential for healthy hair growth. Silica is known to help strengthen hair, reduce breakage, and improve elasticity.

Horsetail extract also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which can help improve scalp health and reduce inflammation that can contribute to hair loss. In addition, it may help increase circulation to the scalp, which can also support healthy hair growth.

Visual Studies

Viviscal claims to have done some research into the effects of their products. These studies indicate a; 32% increase in the number of hair, 39% decrease in hair shedding, 92% of users saw an increase in hair thickness.

Their studies also show that thicker hair was seen in three months, and the supplement is clinically proven to regrow hair.

Is Viviscal effective?

Viviscal Results

Image Source.

Even though Viviscal isn’t a magical pill that will give you long hair overnight, it is a great supplement. The supplement is effective based on the scientific studies to back it up and the number of positive Viviscal reviews online.

There aren’t studies to compare Viviscal against other hair supplements, but it is a great supplement. If you would seriously love to see if it works, give it a try and see for yourself.

The case studies into Viviscal usage and its results, on the other hand, has only positive things to show for it. In one study, according to the brand, 75.3 percent of users showed a significant reduction in hair loss.

Pros and Cons of Viviscal

Looking into the pros and cons of a product will help you weigh your options carefully. Such a great product has both good and bad sides, and we’ll dive into that.

Pros of Viviscal

It is clinically proven to work. Many published clinical studies prove the claims of Viviscal promoting thicker hair, increasing hair count, and scalp coverage.

Results in 3-6 months. Many users report seeing results in as quick as three months. But six months isn’t a long time to regain your thick hair. But shedding stops in as little as one month.

Fills in thinning areas: Viviscal “wakes up” dormant follicles to start producing hair again in areas beginning to experience thinning. According to a study, the number of hairs in the thinning areas increases from 271 to 571 in three months.

Contains natural ingredients: Viviscal ingredients are sourced from natural sources, which prevent extremely bad reactions to them.

Easy dosage. Unlike other supplements that require you to take four pills a day, Viviscal recommends only two a day which is easy to remember and manageable.

Amazing reviews. If you check the online reviews of Viviscal, you will see how great the product recommendation is; so many people who’ve used it have loved the product.

Cons of Viviscal

Benefits will subside if you stop using the product. The benefits can decline if you discontinue the product, which keeps you in the loop of always purchasing it.

Expensive. According to many user reviews, Viviscal is a bit pricey as you will have to pay $50 a month for the foreseeable future once you like the product’s results. Some people would opt for other cheaper supplements.

Not vegan. Since some ingredients are sourced from shark cartilage, it isn’t an option for those following a vegan diet. In that case, vegans need to find another option for hair loss.

It may not work for everyone. Although this product is excellent, some people may not see the benefits that everyone is hyping on the internet. Just like any other product, what works for someone else might not work for you.

It takes time to see the results. Viviscal isn’t an overnight miracle; it will take three to six months to see the results. If you’re looking for an overnight miracle, this isn’t it.

Possible Side Effects of Viviscal

Even though uncommon, some people experience some side effects upon using Viviscal.

Nausea. Since Viviscal has iron, it can cause stomach irritation which may result in feelings of nausea.

Skeletal issues. If you have been taking vitamin C supplements, you could experience joint stiffness because of too much vitamin C consumption. Avoiding vitamin C could help reduce the risk, but once you experience stiffness, see a doctor.

Allergies. Since the supplement contains marine protein, people with shellfish and fish allergies may start seeing the side effects.

Who Should Not Take Viviscal?

Even though Viviscal is an excellent product, there are groups of people who shouldn’t use it. These includes:

  • Vegans as it contains shark cartilage and mollusk powder.
  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Pregnant women
  • If you have a fish/shellfish allergy
  • Children under the age of 18

Before taking this supplement or any other, you should talk to your doctor to give you their input.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product work on alopecia?

Viviscal is great for alopecia as it increases the length of the hair cycle, preventing shedding and thinning signs in your hair.

Does Viviscal regrow hair?

Yes. Clinical research has proven that Viviscal can help regrow hair. Also, there are dozens of online reviews from customers showing their before and after using Viviscal. Those images show great hair growth and should be an encouragement to others.

How long will it take for Viviscal supplements to work?

Viviscal can start showing positive results of thicker hair in as little as three months. But it is recommended to use it for at least six months for the best results. Others get thicker hair in less than three months.

Do doctors recommend Viviscal?

Yes. Doctors and salon experts have recommended Viviscal for people experiencing hair shedding. But if you’re unsure, you could contact your doctor for further instruction on whether to use it or not. In case of any prevalent allergies, check the ingredients carefully.

Is Viviscal just biotin?

Viviscal supplements contain biotin just like other hair and nails supplements you’ve used before. But besides biotin, Viviscal contains different vitamins and nutrients like vitamin C, iron, zinc, and fish oil.

Final Words

Viviscal is a product that has undergone a lot of research to back up its claims, and according to their online reviews, it is a product worth giving the time of day. When giving it a thought, remember, all good things take time. Be patient and give it at least three months of trial, or even six months before throwing in the towel.

If you’re a vegan, breastfeeding, or pregnant mother, this product isn’t for you, and you should look into another product that will not interfere with your beliefs or child-caring. Other than that, if you’re without allergies to fish/shellfish should try it out and see if it is the best product for your hair.

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