Affiliate Disclosure is a personally owned blog that offers up-to-date content, reviews and promo codes for the popular hair loss supplement Foligen. Our objective is to help our blog readers make an educated buying decision. aims to be 100% transparent and ethical. So in full disclosure, we want you our visitors to know that our reviews are factual and unbiased. That being said, there are some products we may recommend and in so doing we may use an affiliate which means that in the event you make a purchase of such product/s we will get a commission.

Please note, however, we will NEVER recommend a product that we do not believe in. Compensation does not direct our research or editorial content and in most cases does not impact how our listing orders appear.

We simply have to work within guidelines to maintain our partnerships so that we can continue creating valuable content for our readers. While our team reviews a variety of products and services, we do not provide a complete listing of every available company in the marketplace.