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Are you wondering if Folexin really work and if it is right for you?

If you answer is ‘YES’, you are in the right place at the right time.

In this post, you’re going to get an up-to-date and unbiased Folexin Review. You are also going to discover how it works, the pros and cons as well as my personal results from using this supplement for hair growth.

What Is Folexin?

Folexin Review - What your package looks like when you receive it.

Folexin (which was formally known as Foligen) is is a hair growth vitamin/supplement that is rapidly growing in popularity. Many online bloggers and news media claim that Folexin is one of the best supplements on the market to promote natural hair growth for both men and women.

With a promise of helping you to regrow your hair in as little as 60-90 days, this product deserves an investigation.

That’s exactly what you are going to find here – an in-depth Folexin review to determine if the claims about this product are true.

Folexin Review: Summary

In a rush, No problem! Here’s a brief overview of this hair growth supplement.

  • Rated – 4.7/5
  • Cost – 1 Bottle $24.95
  • Deal – Order 4 Bottles, Get A 5th One Free!
  • Ingredients – 100% all-natural ingredients
  • Gender – works for both men and women
  • Side Effects – None reported if taken according to dosage
  • Shipping – Worldwide
  • Official WebsiteClick Here To Visit.

For our full in-depth and unbiased review, continue reading below.

Do You Really Need Folexin?

Before we get into our Folexin reviews, you need to understand that it is completely normal for you to lose a few strands of hair on a daily basis.

Hair LossThat’s just a part of your natural hair growth process. As you lose some hair, new ones are regenerated.

However, the real problem arises when you are losing more hair than you are regenerating in the follicle.

This can then be categorized as serious premature hair loss which leads to receding hairlines and male and female pattern baldness. This can happen due to several factors, some of which you can find here.

Hair loss indiscriminately affects many people across the world, notwithstanding age or gender. In fact, according to Cleveland Clinic, hair loss affects more than 30 million people in the USA alone. So the number will be so much higher when we look at the whole world.

This leads us to the following questions:

  • Can you do something to reverse hair loss and regrow your hair?
  • Is it possible to permanently banish hair loss and receding hairlines?
  • Does Folexin Really Work To Stop Hair Loss For Both Men And Women?
  • What kind of Folexin Before And After Results Can You Expect?
  • Are there any side effects to worry about?

As you can see, these are some very important questions. Our objective with this Folexin Review is to answer them and provide the clarity and insights you need to make an educated decision as to whether or not you should try this natural hair growth supplement.

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Folexin VS Foligen?

In the Folexin Reviews, we compare the previous Foligen VS Folexin bottles.

Folexin was formerly known as Foligen.

Let me explain.

When this hair growth supplement was first launched, it was known as Foligen. Unfortunately, there was another product on the market with a similar name. So the manufacturers made the decision to change the name to Folexin.

First of all, let me say that I think the change is a very smart move.

To begin with, the name ‘Foligen‘ was too close to another competitor’s product in the same marketplace. And as you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of confusion for customers. It would be too easy to make a mistake and buy the wrong product.

In taking this step to re-brand the product, they’ve also registered a Trademark in order to make the process official and stand out from the crowd.

Now That the name issue is cleared up, let’s find out how Folexin works, the results you can expect, and more.

How Does Folexin Work?

Folexin reviews of the capsule, size and color of the supplements.

As you already know, losing your hair is a serious problem. It affects your self-confidence and your self-esteem. When someone looks at you, the first thing they see is your head.

As a result, it is very important to choose the right hair loss product that will help you to achieve the best result of getting your full head of hair back.

The last thing you want to do is to waste money on a product that promises amazing results but fails to deliver or even causes your hair loss problem to get worse.

Thankfully the Folexin supplement has been getting nothing but positive reviews from the online community (both men and women).

Folexin pills contain a new formula that has been helping men and women all over the world to restore and replenish healthy hair growth.

It is composed of 100% natural ingredients.

This is important because unlike most other products on the market, it works with your body’s natural process of restoring lost hair.

When you take the supplement as per the recommended dosage, it will help your hair to become stronger, thicker, healthier and places, where there were no hair follicles, will start to develop new strands.

This should get you excited because this is the truth based on tons of Folexin customer reviews and results.

Plus the fact that it makes use of 100% natural ingredients to nourish and keep your hair in good health has led to it being one of the fastest-selling natural hair loss solutions on the market.

And the reason for this is simple: This natural hair growth formula is designed to help you to get visibly radiant, stronger, thicker, healthier, and beautiful hair while being very cost-effective and pain-free. All in all, it is a formula that supports your hair’s natural growth process.

So what Makes It so special?

To answer that, we need to look at the ingredients and how they help to replenish hair growth naturally according to science, based on clinical studies available.

Folexin Ingredients

The list of Folexin Ingredients listed on the supplement facts.

Folexin contains a number of natural ingredients, key among them being Biotin, Fo-Ti, Folic Acid, and others.

Let’s dive into our Folexin review to see the magic that these ingredients work on your hair.


Fo-Tt is one of the main ingredients in Folexin.

This ingredient has a basis in age-old Chinese medicine. Fo-Ti was used in ancient China as a treatment for many diseases among them premature aging, communicable diseases, impotence, and general weakness.

Fo-Ti can treat baldness by nourishing the blood, maintaining hormonal balance, and improving blood circulation to the scalp.

The resultant benefits are long-term, and that is why have been included in this proprietary hair growth formula.


One of the key ingredients that allow this product to work so well is BIOTIN also known as vitamin H and is part of the Vitamin B (B7) family.

Biotin’s key function is to support and improve the health of the skin, digestive tract, nerves, cells, metabolism, and of course your hair follicles.

Biotin another key ingredient in this hair growth supplement.

It is found in trace amounts in eggs and nuts. Deficiency in biotin results in thinning and greying of hair.

Biotin supplements help to sustain healthy hair growth for healthy-looking hair.

The good thing about biotin is that while it promotes hair growth, it also prevents the shedding of your hair. It helps to improve the strength and elasticity of the thickest layer of the hair shaft (cortex).

In fact, a 2012 study, as well as a 2015 study both, agrees that supplementing with Biotin will improve hair growth and prevent shedding.

This comes from the fact that both studies gave a selected group of people doses of biotin and placebo over an extended period and monitor their results.

In both studies, the groups that were supplemented with biotin experienced a significant hair growth process and decreased shedding of healthy hair when compared to the groups that were given a placebo.

This is a clear indication that biotin is VERY important in the war against hair loss.

The manufacturers understood this fact and it is the main reason why they incorporated adequate amounts of biotin that is proven to improve healthy hair growth.

Folic Acid

Another key ingredient in the Folexin formula is Folic Acid which like biotin is also a member of the b vitamin complex.

According to Nutrafol, Folic Acid is extremely important for hair growth and the lack of it could be the reason why you are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss.

Stylecraze also reports that regular consumption of folic acid has been found miraculously effective in preventing male pattern baldness.

In a perfect world, we would get all the folic acid we need from foods. However, we don’t live in a perfect world and so in order to get adequate amounts of this important vitamin, we have to supplement it.

ProgressiveHealth states that for adults supplementing with Folic Acid, they should take between, 400 mcg to 1000 mcg to experience the full benefits of the vitamin.

This is in line with the manufacturers of Folexin which has 880 mcg folic acid in each dosage!

By the way, each dosage is two capsules and one bottle contains a 30 days supply.

Other natural ingredients include:

  • Vitamin C,
  • Vitamin E,
  • Zinc,
  • Calcium,
  • Copper,
  • saw palmetto,
  • and A proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

All of these Folexin ingredients stimulate your healthy hair growth process and repair and strengthen weak hair.

How Does Folexin Benefit Your Hair?

A Folexin review of how the bottle looks when holding it in your hand.

Taking your supplements consistently and at the correct dosage, can help you to acquire thicker and stronger hair in a relatively short period of time. It also solves the problems of dryness and weakness of hair.

Whether you spend many hours in the sun or like to take a dip in chlorinated swimming pools, you don’t have to worry. The biotin in the formula will give you elastic and robust hair.

What If You Are Already Balding, Does Folexin Really Work?

Yes, this formula can help with receding hairlines, thanks to the anti-aging Fo-Ti component. Additionally, Biotin will help to improve your overall hair health by enhancing your body’s protein and fat metabolism.

Damaged and weak hair can regain strength when the hair follicles absorb these nutrients.

Side Note: If you are already completely bald, you may not get any benefit from using this dietary supplement. I Just want to keep it real and be 100% honest and upfront with you.

How To Take Folexin

Let me be clear, this supplement is NOT an overnight miracle cure for hair loss.

With that understanding, I want to delve a little deeper into how to take Folexin pills daily plus a few recommendations so that you can get the best results.

Step #1 –  Order Online From The Official Website:

Image showing price comparison of Folexin.


Well, the truth is, most people don’t know where to buy Folexin. To some, this may be a no-brainer to go to the official website but some people may be looking to get it from offline stores.

However, at the time of updating this post, you can only get It from the official website. It is not sold in Walmart, Target, or any of the popular eCommerce stores.

If and when the manufacturer updates the distribution process, I will be sure to update this post and provide you with the relevant information.

That said, Here’s The Link To The Official Website!

Step #2 – Stick To The Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of Folexin is two capsules per serving size.

Each bottle of the supplement contains 60 capsules which make for a full 30 days’ supply.

This means that you’ll need to order at least two bottles at a minimum although I recommend three bottles before you can make any conclusion whether or not it will work for you.

This reason for this is because it may take 60-90 days in general for you to start seeing true hair growth.

Although some persons may start seeing results within a few weeks, I don’t want to give you false hope since that is not the norm.

I would rather be honest and upfront with you so that you can have a realistic expectation of what kind of Folexin before and after results to expect when you start using it consistently.

Note: Do not take more than the recommended dosage in hopes of speeding up your results. It will not work that way and you could potentially harm your health!

Step #3 – Take Your Supplement Twice Daily With Food

Since the recommended dosage is two capsules, you can either take both of them at once or split the dosage and take them twice daily.

My personal preference is to take my pills two times a day as opposed to all at once. That means one in the morning with your breakfast and the other one in the evening with your dinner.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of taking tablets so the fewer I have to take at once, the better for me since I am also taking other vitamins on a daily basis.

So if you are comfortable taking both your Folexin pills at once then you can go right ahead and do that. Just be sure that you are taking them with food and a good amount of water; at least 8 ounces of water!

Step #4 – Try To Be Consistent With Your Supplementation

We live in a busy world and from time to time our minds get populated with a whole bunch of stuff that causes us to forget some of the things that should have priority.

Therefore, it is important for you to have a daily reminder that you should take your supplement. Set a reminder on your phone or if you are old school like me, put a post-it on your fridge or bathroom mirror.

If you miss a day it is not a big deal but you want to try and be consistent as possible to give yourself the best results from taking the Folexin formula for hair growth.

Step #5 – Be Patient

I really can’t exaggerate this enough.

Over and over on this blog, I’ve said it and I’ll say it again. This is NOT a miracle formula for overnight success. The product does work but it takes time.

In fact, if you think about it, your hair loss problem didn’t start overnight so it’s only fair that you give it a little time to be restored.

Folexin Before And After Results 

What Can You Realistically Expect?

Folexin Review And Before And After Results

It is very important that you have a realistic idea of what to expect when you adhere to the recommended dosage consistently over a period of time.

There are three main benefits to be had from daily supplementation over several weeks. (At least 8-12 weeks)

They are:

Thicker And Stronger Hair

The main ingredients work together to improve the elasticity and strength of your hair structure to give you stronger and thicker hair.

Increased Healthy Hair Growth

After the first few weeks, you’ll start to see new strands coming up in places that never had any hair.

You’ll also notice that the hair you already have will start to get even longer. This is because taking Folexin supplements will naturally ensure better circulation of blood to the hair follicles to provide them with all the necessary ingredients for hair growth.

Improvement In The Health of Your Hair

One thing I like is that other than the restoration of your hair, it also helps to give your hair a better feel and look.

This arises from the fact that this dietary supplement has adequate amounts of biotin that helps your body to metabolize fats and proteins and in so doing, it also helps your hair follicles to absorb the nutrients it needs to improve unhealthy damaged hair.

Folexin Reviews Results Summary:

After about a month of use, you’ll start to see the patches filling out.

After another couple of weeks, you’ll start seeing amazing results. It all depends on how far along your hair loss was before you started using the supplement.

So for the most part, I can confirm that most Folexin customer reviews online are true – that is, the supplement does work to promote hair regrowth.

NOTE, However: That it is NOT a miracle cure nor is it an overnight success formula. So you’ll need to use it for at least 6-8 weeks to start seeing results.

What Are Real Customer Reviews Saying?

Folexin Customer Reviews - what are real customers saying?

I could sit here all day and tell you about all the amazing ingredients and how they help hair loss and blah blah blah.

None of that would be important or make any sense to you if after you take a bottle of Folexin, nothing happens for you.

So the great thing about this natural hair growth supplement is that based on numerous real-world Folexin before and after results and reviews from past customers who’ve actually used the supplement, it is very effective in the long term.

Take Mark for example:

Mark confidence has gone through the roof since experiencing amazing results from using Folexin. As his Father started going bald at age 30, Mark was adamant that he didn’t want to go in his father’s footsteps. He read several Folexin reviews online and was confident he should give it a try. Now months later, he is very glad he did and according to him, he’s back in control and his hair looks and feels great.

And Anthony McMaster:

According to Anthony, his hair was thin and wispy from as early as age 25. Now he has been using his Pills for hair loss consistently and to say he is happy with the results would be an understatement. In Anthony’s words, “I’ve been blown away with the results.”

And Tina:

Tina started using Folexin 2 years ago. At that time her hair was thin and according to her, it was in a very bad condition and I was loosing my hair. Tina’s hair was just about shoulder’s length but as soon as she started to take her supplements at the recommended dosage, she noticed the difference right away. Her hair hasn’t got thicker but now she’s got a spiral permanent look and according to her, the growth rate is “fa nominal”. Tina always order 4 bottles at a time because she noted: You’ll not find a better product for hair growth anywhere else.

And Karl

Karl just recently started using Folexin formula and he’s on his second round. Like Tina, Karl also likes to order 4 bottles at a time to get the bonus 5th bottle. To say he’s loving the results would be an understatement. In his words, he’s delighted with the results. He also noted that his hair feels healthier and stronger and thicker and his wife is no longer noticing his bald spot. The product really works and he gives it nothing less than 5 stars!

And Jillian

I can tell you that Folexin really does work. My hair has got back its volume and it’s not as dry anymore. I use to take biotin separately however it hardly had any impact. Folexin was recommended by a friend and after using I’m also convinced.

Read more unsolicited testimonials here.

These are just a few unbiased reviews out of the hundreds of customers that are happy that they gave it a try. So if you are experiencing hair loss or going bald then you too should give this supplement a try for the long term.

Please realize however that I said ‘Long-Term’ above for a specific reason. You cannot expect overnight results.

It just doesn’t work like that.

While some persons may see results in a few weeks the majority may Need To Use it For At Least Two Months!

So that’s something you also want to take note of.

The only downside though is that you’ll have to invest in at least two bottles and take it religiously every day for at least two months before you can make any conclusions.

Are There Any Folexin Side Effects?

If you are considering this supplement then it is likely that you may be wondering if there are any side effects to worry about.

The good news is that the supplement is made of 100% natural ingredients and as such does not cause any side effects when taken at the correct dosages. That said, in the rare occurrence that you experience any diverse effects, I would recommend that you discontinue use for a while.

Start retaking the supplement again and then see if the symptoms return. If they do, then it could be possible that you are allergic to one or more of the included ingredients.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Folexin

The Pros
  • Not only does it prevent hair loss; it also promotes growth so that the upper hair looks thicker, stronger, and lush.
  • It is not a chemical-based hair loss treatment formula. All its ingredients are natural, and so you can expect no side effects.
  • It will also give your skin and nails a youthful glow.
  • It is very affordable and you can also use a coupon code for a 10% off discount.
  • It is created by a highly reputable company that values its reputation and will do whatever it takes to please its customers.
  • Security is a huge deal so you can shop with confidence on their highly secured website.


The Cons
  • Taking Folexin in excess may result in diarrhea and abdominal pain.
  • It requires commitment and patience to supplement on a daily basis.
  • Results come slowly – you’ll need to take the supplement for at least 60-90 days to start seeing results.
  • It is only sold online from the official website.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some frequently asked questions about Folexin.

1 Q. Is Folexin Just For Men?

Ans. Absolutely Not!

This supplement is designed for both men and women. In fact, based on numerous online reviews, there are a lot of men and women that are already using the supplement and are getting amazing results.

2 Q. What Is The Recommended Dosage?

Ans. In order to get the best results from taking Folexin for hair loss, you need to ensure that you take two capsules daily with food. You should do this consistently over a 60 day period minimum before you can make any conclusions.

Please also note that you should adhere to the manufacture guidelines and do not take more than 2 capsules per day in an effort to speed up hair growth. It just doesn’t work like that. Plus while there are no side effects with this natural supplement when taken as directed, you could run into problems if you go over the daily dosage requirements.

3 Q. Where To Buy Folexin?

Ans. At the time of updating this post, you can only buy Folexin from the official Website!

It is not sold on Amazon, Walmart or any other online retailer. I am not sure if the manufacturer will do that in the future. But as for right now you can go to the Official site and place your order.

If any changes come about, I’ll be sure to update this post to let you know.

4 Q. Is This Product A Scam?

Absolutely NOT!

This is a product that is manufactured by a reputable company Vita Balance LTD. You can shop with ease knowing that this website follows all security protocols to ensure that all your information is safe and secure.

Conclusion: Does Folexin Really Work?

I’ll be the first to tell you that Folexin is not a ‘miracle supplement’ that will instantly get you results overnight.

However, if you are experiencing any form of hair loss and you can be patient to wait a few weeks to get results then this proven supplement may be your answer.

While it is not a miracle cure for hair loss, if you follow this guide above on how to use Folexin, I am sure you’ll see positive results after a few months.

Just be sure that while you are taking the supplement, you are also making an effort to take care of your hair in the process. This includes avoiding harsh shampoos and chemicals which may cause more damage to your hair follicles.

Overall, this is a valid hair loss treatment formula with long-term benefits. It is safe to use, it is affordable, and has a lot of positive reviews from past customers.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Click here to visit the official website to claim your bottles.

By the way, there’s a special going in where you’ll get an additional free bottle if you make a purchase of 4 bottles. So your total will be 5!

I’m always looking for ways to give my readers the best deal so please enjoy!

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