How To Use Neem Oil For Hair Growth – The Secret To Thicker And Stronger Hair

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If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to use neem oil for hair growth or to find out whether or not it works, you are at the right place.

Whether you just want to add length to your hair or you want to put an end to hair loss and receding hairline problems, neem oil can be a catalyst to speed up your results.

You probably have come across dozens of suggestions and are wondering whose advice to take.

There are so many articles and videos floating around the internet claiming that this is one of the best natural remedies to speed up hair growth.

But who should you trust?

Is There Any Truth To Using Neem Oil For Hair Growth And Thickness?

How To Use Neem Oil For Hair

Well, that’s exactly what you are about to find out. For a quick reference, you can use the table of contents below to jump to a specific topic.

Here’s What You Are About To Discover:

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll tell you what exactly the world’s leading scientists have to say about using neem oil.

We’ll also show you how to use neem oil for hair growth from the comfort of your home and exactly what you can expect as a result of using it.

Before we get into the actual remedy, it is very important that you have some background info as to why you should even consider using neem oil.

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What Is Neem Oil?

Neem oil is a special type of oil that’s obtained from the leaves, fruits, or seeds of a tree that goes by the same name.

Neem Fruit

Never seen or heard about this “wonder tree” before?

Well, the neem tree is actually a large evergreen tree native to India and Southeast Asia.

For many decades, parts of this tree have been used in traditional medicine. In particular, its leaves are thought to possess significant antibacterial effects.

In fact, according to Kama Ayurveda, It is often referred to as the “village pharmacy” as each part of the neem tree is used to improve well-being and treat ailments.

Nowadays, however, neem oil is more commonly known for its beneficial beauty properties. This is due to the fact that the oil possesses the following:

  • Vitamin E
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium
  • Triglycerides
  • Limonoids


[alert-note]But does neem oil have any meaningful benefits as far as your hair growth is concerned?[/alert-note]

At the time of updating this post, there are a few Anecdotal reports about what Neem oil can do for your hair.

Some of these claims include:

  • A great conditioner for your scalp
  • Can be used as a temporary seal for your hair follicles
  • Helps to promote healthy hair growth
  • Helps to reduce the graying of hair
  • removing frizz
  • Very effective treatment for head lice
  • A natural remedy to get rid of dandruff

However, there is limited scientific evidence to back up all the reported claims. The reality is that more studies are needed to be done to either confirm or repudiate the above assertions.

That said, based on the studies already done, there quite a few PROVEN benefits to be had from using this ‘miraculous‘ oil in your hair.  And some YouTubers swear by the fact that this is an amazing remedy for natural hair growth.

So let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits.

The Benefits Of Neem Oil For Hair


Neem oil has countless benefits for the hair and scalp, including relief from a dry, itchy scalp and dandruff, as well as giving you silky, shiny, strong hair.

Antifungal Benefits

This peer-reviewed study suggests that neem oil contains nimbidin, an active compound that can suppress scalp irritation, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Hair Growth

More human studies need to be done to confirm the extent to which neem oil stimulates hair growth. But so far, scientists confirm that this special oil contains Vitamin E which is a well-known hair growth booster. That’s a fact confirmed in these studies 1 and 2.

Lice Management

In one 2011 study, researchers confirmed that oil extracted from neem seeds killed lice in 10 minutes of topical application. That’s a benefit that has so far been attributed to the fact that the oil is rich in Azadirachtin which makes it difficult for the pests to lay eggs.

Helps to Eliminate Itchy Scalp And Dandruff

One of the major causes of itchy scalp and dandruff is the fungus candida.

The antifungal properties of Neem Oil, however, work to relieve dandruff and soothe the itchy scalp.

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What People Generally Think About Neem Oil

Countless blogs and videos have been uploaded by folks who swear by neem oil’s hair follicle stimulating benefits.

That said we’d like to clarify that much as this oil is a powerful hair regrowth agent, its results aren’t typical.

Also, if you have sensitive skin, it’s important to do a patch test before applying it to any part of your body.

How to Do the Patch Test

Apply a small drop of neem oil to the inside of your forearm. You may want to have this oil diluted using a base oil e.g. coconut oil.

Cover the section with the oil with a bandage and leave it for 24 hours.

Once you remove the bandage if you notice any hives, redness, or symptoms of irritation avoid using the oil. Chances are that you’re among the few people in the world who are sensitive to it.

Otherwise, if your skin seems tolerant after this test, you are free to continue with the full application of the oil.

How to Make Neem Oil for Hair Growth

Watch The Video Below:


Written Instructions below

You’ll need:

  • Neem Oil,
  • Carrier Oil (e.g. olive oil or coconut oil),
  • And Essential Oil (e.g. lavender, but this is optional as it’s only meant to mast the smell.

Note that you may use tea tree oil in place of lavender if you have lice.

How To Get Started:

Step One: In a small jar, mix 1/2 teaspoon of pure neem oil with 3 tablespoons of your preferred carrier oil. Mix until evenly blended.

Step Two: To mask the strange smell of organic neem oil, you may want to add 20 drops of lavender essential or tea tree oil if dealing with lice.

Step Three: If you didn’t complete the patch test we recommended earlier, this is the time to get it done. It is important just to be sure your skin isn’t sensitive to the oil.

Step Four: Apply the oil to your hair and massage it into the scalp. Work your way as if from the hair roots to the tips of your hair also.

Step Five: Once properly applied, leave it on for 2 hours before washing it out using a mild shampoo. Done!

Important Points to Note

It is important to note that some people recommend leaving the oil on the scalp overnight. However, some dermatologists caution against that.

Leaving the oil to sit on your scalp for too long might increase the likelihood of your scalp getting irritated. For that reason, we strictly recommend washing it off using a mild shampoo after 2 hours.

For the best results, be sure to repeat this process twice or thrice a week.

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What If You Can’t Find Neem Oil?

How To Make Neem Oil For Hair – A DIY Method

Typically you can just place an order on Amazon to order your neem oil.

However,  If you live in an area where it’s difficult to find neem oil (or quality oil), you might want to prepare some using organic neem leaves. This is by far the most effective way to use neem oil for hair loss if you’re on a budget.

You’ll need Organic Neem Leaves (fresh or dried), Water (a few drops), Carrier oil (e.g. extra virgin oil), Blender, Bowl, and Sieve.

Step One: Put 3 pinches of neem leaves in a bowl and clean them with some water before straining.

Step Two: Separately, put half a cup of extra-virgin oil in a bowl and use the double boiler method to heat it on low heat.

Step Three: Take the neem oil you prepared in step one and put inside a blender jar. You may add a few drops of water to it. Blend it to create a paste.

Step Four: Mix the paste with the extra-virgin oil still on low heat. Stir gently for at least 4 minutes or at least until the oil gets a nice, thick green color.

Step Five: Leave the mixture to cool down before finally straining the oil. At this point, the oil is ready to use. Take a few drops of it and store the rest of it in a cool, dark place (this oil can be stored for up to 8 months).

As usual, you may use this oil 2 to 3 times per week. Or as directed by your dermatologist.

Final Thoughts On Using Neem Oil For Hair

If hair loss has been frustrating you, neem oil might provide you with an extra tool in your arsenal to combat it and regain your happiness.

And as we’ve shown you in this article, you don’t need to make a trip to the East to take advantage of this therapy. You can easily prepare and apply this oil from the comfort of your home.

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