Is There A Shark Tank Hair Growth Product Backed By All Judges For $4.95?

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Is there such a thing as a Shark Tank hair growth product?

Well, before we answer that question, let’ do a quick exercise: Guess what happens when an entrepreneur or product owner lands a deal on Shark Tank?

Did you guess?

Well, I’ll cut to the chase and just right out give you the answer.

When an entrepreneur features his/her product on Shark Tank, (if it is a good product) you can expect sales to skyrocket. Even without landing a deal in the shark tank, product sales can still explode due to the visibility from being on live TV on a show that boasts millions of viewers worldwide.

Why Is That Important For You To Know?


Most people who tune into the ABC channel will know of a program known as “Shark Tank.”

Shark Tank On ABC
Investors On Shark Tank

This is a popular television show that features 3-4 wealthy investors (per show) looking to be wowed by entrepreneurs that are seeking capital to invest in their company. These entrepreneurs are willing to give up a percentage of their company in order to land a deal with one of the investors (sharks) to hopefully take their business to the next level.

Thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs try to get featured on the show every season but only a handful make it. As such, just being on the show alone is a huge success. But getting a deal from one shark is even more amazing let alone all 4 sharks at once.

You see, each of the investors brings something different to the table. They are all multimillionaires but they generated their wealth in different ways. As such, they have different connections and different ways they can help an entrepreneur to grow their business.

To land 4 sharks in a deal is the dream of every entrepreneur who is invited on to the show.

Now here’s the other side of the coin that we want to address today.

Product Featured On Shark Tank

Being on Shark Tank also gives an entrepreneur or their product a huge boost in credibility. It would be like having your photo featured in Forbes magazine. It elevates your status and make you seem more trustworthy in the eyes of future business partners. And in this case, when a product is featured, it also seems more trustworthy in the eyes of potential customers.

With that being said, you can understand that if there is a Shark Tank hair regrowth product that is backed by all four sharks, it more than likely would be an amazing product that can work wonders.

So the question now is:

Are There Shark Tank Hair Growth Products For $4.95?

Shark Tank Hair Loss

If you go to Google or Bing and search for “best hair loss product” or some key phrase related to products for hair loss, you may see an advertisement that leads you to a page like that in the image above or some variation of it. This page is known as an advertorial.

Popular Shark Tank Hair Growth Advertorial Headlines

  • Why Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed This $4.95 Product
  • $4.95 All Natural Topical Solution That Repairs & Revitalizes Hair Gets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History
  • #1 All-Natural Solution That Repairs & Revitalizes Hair Gets Biggest Deal In Shark Tank History
  • But are those website real?
  • And Did Every Judge On Shark Tank Backed A $4.95 Hair Growth Product?
  • Are there any shark tank hair products?

Absolutely not.

These websites are 100% fake and are designed to get you to buy some low-quality product. These websites are known as “Advertorials” and are using the credibility of Shark Tank to endorse their products.

Unethical Marketers are trying to trick you into believing that their product was back by four sharks on the show. The premise is that if all 4 judges backed the product, it MUST be good. But in reality, their product was never on the show, let alone being back by all for judges.

Here’s the deal: 

There was never a Shark Tank hair growth product and all the ads that suggest otherwise are trying to rip you off.
UPDATE: When we first published this post back in May of 2021, there were no “Shark Tank Hair Growth Products” aired on the show. However, there have since been two reputable hair care companies that have been on the show seeking investors to invest in their companies.

The companies are as follows:

Company #1 – Young King Hair Care

Shark Tank Hair Product

‘You King Hair Care’ is a company started by a husband Stefan and his wife Cora from Atlanta Georgia. The company specializes in creating natural plant-based hair care products specifically crafted for young men with textured hair.

The company has all kinds of products that are for washing, treating and styling hair. By the way, none of their products sells for $4.95!

You can watch the episode below:

To make a long story short, this company was  seeking a 2.5% investment in their company from the sharks. However, at the end of the show they walked away without a deal. In other words, none of the investors backed their company.

Company #2-Kreyòl Essence

Kreyol Essence Shark Tank Product

Kreyol Essence is a company founded by Yve-Car Momperousse and Stéphane Jean-Baptiste. This company creates skin care, hair care and beauty products from Haitian Black castor oil which they refers to as liquid gold.

At the start of the Shark Tank Episode, the company (Kreyol Essence) was asking for $400,000 for a 10% investment in their company. After much back and forth with negotiating, 3 sharks were out leaving only Kevin O’leary (Mr Wonderful) to give Kreyol Essense a deal.

You can watch the full episode below:


None of the above two companies were selling supplements for hair growth, and none of them were backed by all four sharks. In short, if you see a supplement or any other type of product that claims to be a “shark tank hair products product”, stay very far from such a product.

Beware Of Where You Buy Your Hair Products

While we do promote hair growth supplements to help you regrow your hair and improve its strength, thickness, and texture, we do NOT condone scammy tactics that trick you into spending your hard-earned money.

We pride ourselves in being 100% honest and upfront with you and only recommend high-quality products that contain scientifically proven ingredients and are manufactured by reputable companies.

Beware Of Free Trial Offers

Most often than not, marketers that use these fake advertorials are promising a free bottle offer of their hair products. They claim that all you have to do is to pay $4.95 for shipping and they’ll send the bottle to you for free. The problem however is that there is some underlying fine print that you may not be inclined to read.

You see, what most of these companies do is automatically sign you up for a continuity program. So you may get a free bottle initially and then 7-14 days later they bill your credit card with the full price of $79 or more for one single bottle of their low-quality hair product.

What the heck?

Yup! You have to be extremely careful.

The sad thing is that most people never read the fine print until after they see the exorbitant payments on their credit cards. Furthermore, those marketers make it extremely difficult to cancel and in a worst-case scenario, you have to cancel your credit cards.

Good luck trying to get someone on the phone – you won’t!


Because these are unscrupulous companies that are only in the business of making a quick buck. Chances are the phone number listed on these sites if any are fake.


If you see a product specifically for hair growth (especially a supplement) that claims to have been featured on Shark Tank, please stay far from such a product. At the time of updating this post, July 2021, there is no shark tank hair regrowth product.

These are marketers using scammy tactics to get you to buy their product while leaving you in the red and with a product that contains cheap and low-quality ingredients that does nothing for your hair.

Want a proven product that is manufactured by a reputable company and PROVEN to promote hair growth?

Here Are Our Top 4 Hair Growth Products

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The products in the table above have been vetted to be of the highest quality and contain 100% all-natural ingredients that are proven to aid in hair growth. Furthermore, they are made in FDA-approved and GMP-approved laboratories.

They also come with a money-back guarantee and are made by trusted companies that have been in business for a very long time – some over 2 decades at the time of updating this post.

Again, be very careful with the websites you trust online. There has never been any Shark Tank hair loss product so don’t fall for the scams. Do your research and due diligence before you purchase any product to safeguard your health and wellbeing.

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