Hair Loss Talk Forums – The Top 4 Online Forums For Hair Enthusiasts

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Where do you go when you want to talk to like-minded persons or persons who are going through the same situation as you?

I’ll answer that in a minute. But first check out these two scenarios:

 I was working out at a gym a while back and a brother came up to me and kicked off a conversation about protein powders. We had a good little chat.

Another time I was in the back of an Uber and the driver and I started chatting about business. Again we had a good chat.

These two scenarios were good simply because talking about protein powders or business is not something that is frowned upon.

On the other hand, a topic like hair loss is a different case.

It would be a very rare and somewhat uncomfortable case to find someone just approaches another person and starts making small talk about hair loss!

I can’t imagine someone coming up to me and saying: hey bro, do you know the best solution for hair loss?

The reality is, hair loss is a very sensitive topic, and a slightly misplaced word in a sentence could be taken the wrong way and lead to unfavorable outcomes.

As a result, such topics are often avoided in conversations.

So a very important question that you may be asking is: where can you actually get answers and share your results and experience with real people without the risk of being humiliated or even offending anyone?

That’s a good question!

Answer: Hair Loss Talk Forums.

Hair Loss Forums

It is a proven fact that if you want to achieve success in anything, it is best to surround yourself with like-minded people that share the same or similar goals as you do. That way you can bounce ideas off each other or share results and experiences of what worked and what doesn’t.

The internet has made that possible with the ability to join online discussion forums.

The good thing about joining these forums is that you can have total anonymity and can speak as freely as you want because no one will be seeing you.

As such, you won’t have the same fears or possible humiliation that you’d have if you were in a face-to-face conversation.

Forums can also be a great place to find ground-breaking information on some of the latest treatments and solutions for hair loss that are proven to work. Members will be able to research and pool their resources and share their stories.

Basically, members can take each other on a journey from hair loss to hair growth, sharing all their failures and success along the way.

That said, not all hair loss talk forums are created equally. There are some that are pretty much dead with no activity or some that offer no value whatsoever. So we’ve done the research for you!

Below we’ll list some of our favorite hair loss help forums that you can join for free and talk part in conversations and get the help you need to find the right solution to your hair loss problem.

The Top 4 Hair Loss Forums In 2023

The Best Online Hair Loss Forums

Note that the forums below are not listed in any specific order. They are all great forums that you can join for free and start taking part in the discussions already going on.

Hair Loss Forum #1 – Bald Truth Talk

Bald Truth Talk Hair Loss Forum

Website Location:

Bald Truth Talk is a very popular hair loss forum with thousands of members.

The forum is founded by Spencer Kobren who according to Wikipedia also is the founder of The American Hair Loss Association and The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Bald Truth Talk covers a wide range of topics from hair transplants to non-surgical hair replacements and everything in between.

The forum is 100% user-friendly and encourages its members to talk part in discussions as the premise is that its a no judgemental zone. Once you sign up, you are encouraged to introduce yourself and share your story.

And while you have 100% anonymity, if you don’t want to join the chats going, you are free to just browse and read some of the other hair loss forum success stories and you may even choose to try some of the methods that have worked well for other members.

This forum is also very easy to navigate. You can just click on a topic (called a thread) to read and then you can click on (+post a new thread) to start your own discussion.

Hair Loss Forum #2 – Hair Site

Hairsite Forum

Website Location:

According to the official website, Hairsite is one of the longest hair loss talk forums on the web.

The beauty of this forum is that when you sign up, you can get access to speak directly with up to 30 doctors that specialize in hair restoration. The process is as simple as clicking your mouse a few times.

Outside of that, you can post your questions in the discussion forums and have a health professional respond within 24-48 hours. That’s amazing considering the forum is 100% free to join.

Note, however, that the information you receive is for informational purposes only and if you need professional help directly, you should speak with your own certified doctor.

All in all, Hairsite is a good hair loss treatment forum to be a part of. The only downside is that the website is not as userfriendly as BaldTruthTalk where topics are placed in threads under various sub-headings making it easier to navigate.

Hair Loss Forum #3 – Hair Restoration Social Network

Hair Restoration Social Network

Website Location:

The Hair Restoration Social Network is a forum that has the motto: “We’re here to help each other cut past the hype and learn about proven hair loss treatments and physicians.”

From the moment you land on the website, you’ll feel like you are in a community of like-minded people.

Similar to when you are on Facebook or your favorite social networks, this website provides you with warm and welcome colors and an easy to navigate website.

With over 35,000+ members and topics ranging from hair loss drugs, shampoos, herbal hair loss remedies and even video interviews with past hair loss patients, there is something for everyone.

And if you ever feel lost and need an answer yo a specific question, you can always use the search function to see if the topic has been covered already.

And if not, you can just post a question and sure enough, another experienced member will be at your service in a matter of minutes.

Hair Loss Forum #4 – Hair Loss Talk Forum

Hair Loss Talk Forums

Website Location:

The fourth forum we’ll look at is HairLossTalkForums. This website was founded in 1999 by a guy that was 25 years old at the time and had a mission to help persons who suffer from hair loss problems.

According to the official website, all of the content shared on the site itself is backed by scientific research and is cross-referenced with the help of some of the top doctors in dermatology and hair research.

The main objective of the site and forum is to help you avoid scams of products that claim to work and doesn’t and also to help you share your worries and get the help and attention you need.

What I like about HairLossTalk is that discussion boards are divided into two categories: one for men and the other for women. This is important because you may or may not know that different factors contributes to hair loss in women vs men.

That said, regardless of your gender, you’ll be able to find the information you need as well as other like-minded people that share your concerns.


We all know that hair loss is a serious problem and can be a very embarrassing topic to talk about.

However, with the ability to join some of the best hair loss forums online, you can have total anonymity while still being able to chat with others that have the same problems and desires as you do.

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